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If you are looking for parts for any appliances which you have purchased within the last 5 years, we may be able to help you get them. 
Before contacting us with your order, please make sure you know:
 - Brand,
 - What the Appliance is,
 - Model No. of your Appliance,
 - Serial No. of your Appliance,
 - Colour of Part,
 - Quantity,
 - Your Contact Info

If you are having trouble finding any of these contact us with your details below and we can help you find them.
Parts we can help you find include:

 Fridge/Freezers:   Cooking:
Shelves Knobs
Drawer  Caps
Door Pan supports
Rack shelf  Hot plates
Wine rack  Handles
Glass shelf  Drawers
Salad drawers  Iron wok holder
Door shelf bottle retainer  Non stick griddle plate
Egg holders Door with/without glass
Door seals Adjustable feet
Adjustable Feet LPG Jets

...and many more.

 If you are looking for Gas Cooker/ Gas Oven / Gas Hob LPG Jets:
Please contact with the details mentioned above and include the sizes of the jets you require.
Note: Each LPG jet costs £5