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Frequently Asked Questions

Safeer Appliances LTD 


212 Percy Road, Sparkhill, Birmingham, B11 3LG
Mon - Sat 
11:30am - 6:00pm 
0121 778 3737

Q. How can you pay?
A. We accept cash and all major cards.

Q. Where are we based?
A. We are based in Sparkhill, Birmingham and our address can be found on our 'About Us' page. We do not have any other store/branch.

Q. Why are our prices lower than retail price?
A. The prices for our products are low as they (may) have slight scratches or minor dents on them. However they are fully working with no functionality issues.  When comparing our prices to the high street market you will notice our prices are unbeatable. 

Q. What condition are our products in?
A. All our products are brand new and have never been used. Our products are boxed or un-boxed, however they are still new and have no mechanical issues.

Our items may have slight marks (such as scratches or dents) therefore the prices are lowered accordingly.

Q. If I want to see the item before I buy it, can I do this?
A. We highly recommend our customers to come and view the item from our store - you can even take it away the same day. In this way you can see the item from your own perspective and buy the item with satisfaction. If however you are unsatisfied with the item, we have many more to choose from with a  wide  variety of brands, sizes and models in our showroom with more unbeatable deals that are guaranteed to fulfill your requirements. We also accept payments by all major cards
, bank transfer or cash in-store.

If you are unable to view the item in-store but you would still like to view the items more clearly, contact us and and provide your number/email address including the desired item make and model. With these details we will be able to send you more pictures of the item just for you via email  or WhatsApp.

Q. Do we install appliances?
A. We cannot install appliances for you, it will need to be fitted by a professional (Corgi registered) individual who will be able  to certify that the appliance has been installed correctly and safely. Faults can occur if it is not fitted properly. 

Q. What if i change my mind after purchasing the item?
A. If the following criteria is true, you can request a full refund:

  • You have changed your mind within the 7 days of purchase
  • The item is in an un-used condition
  • The item has not been damaged 
  • You will arrange for the item to be returned back to the store

Q. What if there is a fault with my appliance?
A. We always make sure before selling our items that they are fully working. If however, there is a fault withing the first 28 days:

  • You will be asked to present the proof of installation
  • An engineer may be sent to examine the item and repair, if needed
  • If the item cannot be repaired, you will be offered an exchange or a credit note

Q. Can I arrange a delivery with a courier service?
A. You can arrange a delivery using a courier service of your own choice or we can provide you with a trusted courier service. The courier service will give you a quote for the service. PLEASE NOTE: This company will not be hold responsible for any damage or loss that has been caused by any courier service. 

Q. What sort of Warranty/ Guarantee would I get?
A. As our store operates as a clearance centre, all our stock will have standard '28-day returns policy', if the appliance is Branded then you'll get the Manufacturers Warranty and 6 months store warranty on all un-branded appliances (in accordance with Trading Standards). Unless stated otherwise.


If you have more questions please contact us on our 'About Us' page.

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