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[SPARE] Natural & LPG Jets: Cooker, Hob, Oven, Grill; Calor, Propane or Butane Gas

Safeer Appliances Ltd

  • £500

We have in stock a range of Natural and LPG gas jets. Email us the sizes you need and we'll check if we have them in stock for you.

If you do not have the sizes, provide us with the make and model of your appliance* and we'll have a look at what sizes you will need accordingly.

Each jet would cost you £5.00/ + P&P** (Tracked)




*make note if the appliance is beyond 5 Years old, then we may or may not be able to find the appropriate jets/ spares.
** a standard postage fee of £1.90 will be applied, if only one jet is bought.

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